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2013 Oscar Nominated Film


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"Military Sexual Assault & Rape"

Epic Film about Military Sexual Assault & Trauma Survivors: They were incredible soldiers and then, when they were assaulted, they had the courage to come forward — even though many people advised them not to," Dick says. If you have been a victim of this or your know someone that has; this is a must see for all military & veteran women.  We speak with Survivors, Trina McDonaldKori Cioca, Brian Lewis & many more. Film won Audience Award for U.S. Documentary at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and Oscar Nomination for Best Documentary in 2013.         I dare you not to get enraged...                                    Watch Trailer Now

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August 15, 2013 

CNNThe Situation Room | Army general faces rare court-martial  An illicit affair between an Army general and junior officer ultimately leads to allegations of sexual abuse.

August 10, 2013 | Length 3:32

Senator Gillibrand is 100% speaking the voices of the victims. This senator is incredible and we love you for your passion. She spoke in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee in support of the Military Justice Improvement Act. (LISTEN TO HER WORDS)

August 9, 2013 | Length 13:07  

by  JAISAL NOOR, TRNN PRODUCER: The Real News Network



Now joining us to unpack this and respond to this latest news is Jennifer Norris. She has served 15 years in the U.S. Air Force and retired for PTSD due to military sexual trauma. She started working for the Military Rape Crisis Center as a national victim advocate for active duty and veterans in 2011, and she's testified before Congress to support the passage of the Military Justice Improvement Act and STOP Act.

August 9th, 2013 | Length 9:46

Hosted by: Josh Zepps | HuffPost Live

United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand @SenGillibrand  (D-NY) joins HuffPost Live to discuss her push to reform the military justice system. Democratic Senator from New York; Sponsoring Bill on Sexual Assault in the Military #MJIA Military Justice Improvement Act - "Survivor Supported Bill"

August 9th, 2013 | PART 2 | The Daily Show

[Watch Video] Mediaite: Military Sexual Assault Epidemic And The ‘Old Men’ Doing Nothing To Stop It

Mediate comments on John Oliver’s disgust of military sexual assault and his interview with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who is leading the charge against the epidemic:

August 8th, 2013 | PART 1 | The Daily Show

[VIDEO] The Daily Show: Interview with Senator Gillibrand

About Senator Gillibrands' push to pass law to protect survivors of Military Sexual Assault and movement to Pass Senate Bill S.967 | Military Justice Improvement Act | 2013

Aug 6, 2013 | Length 16:45 

        Judy Bell & Jennifer Norris have a indepth discussion about Military Sexual Assault & Senator Gillibrands Bill "Military Justice Improvement Act" with Gary Rosenberg. Also they encourage all civilans, military & survivors, that haven't seen, the 2013 Oscar Nominated Film, "The Invisible War" to seek it out on Netflixs or Amazon to watch it. 

Follow these MST/MSA Survivors & Advocates on Twitter: Judy Bell  @JudyABell, Jennifer Norris @MSTJustice4ALL & Military Rape Crisis Center @MilitaryRape.

August 1, 2013 | Length 8:46

Warning: I was to intently upset, re-victimized & left feeling hopeless after viewing this interview. I cried for hours because of them. I deliberated wether I should add this Video Interview or not to our site. The interviews are with Senator Claire McCaskill & Senator Kelly Ayotte. These two decided to turn their back on us; and not to protect all survivors, which would allow reporting & procesutions to increase. They instead decided to align themselve with the Military Brass Leaderships, who refuses to let go of control of the"Chain of Command" with regard to violent sex crimes. I never the less, decided to include the video, so everyone could see what we were up against.

Survivors Views: Survivors and current active military victims of Military Sexaul Assault & Rape agree & have supported only Senator Gillibrands Bill (MJIA) S967 Military Justice Improvement Act and Representative Jackie Speier's Bill (STOPAct) HR 1593 STOP Act, both of which takes reporting of sexual assault & rape out of the "Chain of Command" to protect all victims from retaliation and threats of collateral charges, that were out of the control of the victims. Which would make them feel safe enough to report sex crimes.

"Triggering"  Watch Interview: These two think the debate continues over the best and most effective ways to curb rampant sexual assault in the military. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., and Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H. , back a plan that includes reform but keeps the adjudication of assault cases within the military chain of command. They are falling on the wrong side of history and have alienated almost all current victims & survivors. 


Click Links to Senators Contact Forms and send them a message about what you think. We Have!

Senator Claire McCaskill & Senator Kelly Ayotte.

July 30 2013 3:13 PM EDT 14:53

What's being done about sexual assault in the military? 

 — Nia-Malika Henderson talks to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who has introduced legislation to take reporting of military sexual assaults outside the chain of command. Nia also talks to Taryn Meeks and Brian Lewis from "Protect Our Defenders", a victims advocacy organization.

(The Washington Post)

July 16, 2013

Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, just held a great press conference today. He breathes new life and hope into the "#MJIA". He signs onto the "Military Justice Improvement Act" and decides to stand with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and many whom desperately want the Reporting of Military Sexual Assault to be removed from the "Chain of Command." #StandWithGillibrand

Click Here to Sign Petition.

Published on June 1, 2013

Justice Denied Movie Premiere

Documentary Movie about Male Military Sexaul Assault

PLEASEHelp these men tell their story!  WATCH THE TRAILER 

PLEASEHelp these men tell their story!  


It gives us great pleasure to announce the World Premiere showing of Justice Denied, Saturday June 8th at 6:30 pm at the Albuquerque Film and Media Experience. It’s been a long journey, and now we are about to enter a new phase,

     Interview on KOB-TV's Eye On New Mexico

Justice Denied Producer Geri Lynn Weinstein Matthews and MST survivor husband, Michael Matthews talk about the movie and the issue which it explores, Sexual Assault of Men in the Military. 

                   Their interview starts at 2:17min.

                     click photo to play interniew 

 Lastest News and Media Coverage on

Military Sexual Assault & Trauma

video report date | June 09, 2013

Length 5:07

The rise of the women senators  on "Up" with Steve Kornacki explains how women senators gave voice to military sexual assault victims during this week’s hearing in front of the Armed Services Committee, which was compromised of mostly men. Kornacki explains how the hearing resembled the infamous Thomas/Hill hearings.

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Report Date |  Jun 6, 2013

Segment Starts at 2:50min into Clip

Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Sexual Assault Surging in the Military
Great Interview with Survivor & Advocate,  Jennifer Norris 

EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks to Jennifer Norris, national victim advocate with the Military Rape Crisis Center, about her experience as a victim of sexual assault in the US Air force, and about lawmakers' efforts to curb the recent surge in sexual violence. Abby then calls out the corporate press for failing to expose the real reasons why Susan Rice is a controversial pick for Obama's national security advisor. BTS wraps up the show with a look at a brief history of the Bilderberg conference, the power players in attendance at this year's event, and talks to BTS producer, Manuel Rapalo, about the implications the secrecy surrounding the event has.

video report date | May 26, 2013 

Length 0:16

Lindsey Graham On Military Sexual Assaults: Straight to the point...

"Women Are 'Putting Up With Too Much Crap" (VIDEO)

VIDEO REPORT DATE: May 29, 2013 Length 10:23

Broadside: Niki Tsongas discusses sexual assault in the military

(NECN) - Jim Braude’s first guest on Broadside Wednesday night was Representative Niki Tsongas from Massachusetts’ 3rd district. The two of them discussed the bill moving through congress which Tsongas sponsors to try to curb instances of sexual assault in the armed services.

The estimate of the number of sexual assaults in the military increased 37 percent from 2011 to 2012, up to approximately 26,000 incidents. Just a fraction of those were reported, and only 238 led to convictions.

"To be assaulted in the first place is a betrayal of the trust that you bring to your service," Tsongas said. "You’re seeking to serve your country – put your life at risk. It’s an astonishing thing that you’re assaulted by one of your own. But then it is compounded through the system, the way in which the commanders deal with it, too often brushing it under the rug."

Tags: Jim Braude, legislation, military, politics, sexual assault, Niki Tsongas

REPORT DATE: May 23, 2013 Length 10:32
PBS News Hour
Top Brass, Lawmakers Grapple With Rising Levels of Military Sexual Assault

Summary: With sexual assaults in the military on the rise, Congress and Defense Department officials debate what should be done to prosecute perpetrators and prevent assaults from happening in the first place. Kwame Holman reports on efforts to subdue the crisis.

REPORT DATE: May 16, 2013 Length  7:57 
The World          
Listen to this wonderful Internview with Military Sexual Assautlt Survivor & Advocate  TSgt Jennifer Norris, USAF Retired is a Board Member with Protect Our Defenders

Sexual Abuse Victim Compares
Military Service to Being Trapped In
'Domestic Violence Relationship' 

Click the Play Button Below to Listen to this great "MEDIA INTERVIEW" with Jennifer Norris

May 8, 2013, 6:17 AM

Obama: No tolerance for sexual assault in military

Following the release of a new Pentagon study that shows rising numbers of sexual assaults in the military, President Obama said those responsible must be held accountable. Norah O'Donnell reports.

STOPAct H.R. 1593: 

Sexual Assault Training Oversight and Prevention Act


This legislation takes the reporting, oversight, investigation, and victim care of sexual assaults out of the hands of the normal chain of command and places jurisdiction in the hands of an autonomous Sexual Assault Oversight and Response Office. This Office will be comprised of civilian and military experts. The legislation also creates a sexual assault database within DoD that will be required to share information with DoJ civilian sexual offender database.

Establishment of a Sexual Assault Oversight and Response Office within the Department of Defense All duties and staff focused on response to sexual assault that are now covered by the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office will be moved to the new Office.

The Office will: Work with various Military investigative organizations to investigate cases of sexual assault; Ensure that victims are given safety, security, and a place to communicate their experiences. Have the authority to reassign a victim to separate them from their assailant.

Create a new method of reporting sexual assault that takes it out of the hands of the normal chain of command; The Military Criminal Investigative Organizations will report directly to the Sexual Response Office. Work with the different branches of the military to provide contact information for the Sexual Assault. Grievance Board for offense reporting and written guidelines regarding who to contact including a direct telephone number.

Establishment of a Sexual Assault Oversight and Response Council in the Department of Defense The Council will appoint personnel to the Sexual Assault Response Office, and advise the Office. The Secretary of Defense will appoint two members who must have served as military judges. The President will appoint one member from the Department of Justice, one member who has experience advocating for the rights of those sexually assaulted in the military, and one member who has expertise working on civilian cases of sexual assault. They will also report annually to Congress.

Establishment of a Director of Military Prosecutions. The Director will have final and independent authority to oversee the prosecution of all sexual- related offenses. They will also have the authority to request that a case be sent to an appellate court within the DoD or referred to the Department of Justice.

Removal of cases of sexual assault from the chain of command in the military.

This provision explicitly takes control of sexual assault cases out of the hands of base commanders and places jurisdiction within the Sexual Assault Oversight and Response Office. This provision also takes away the possibility of non-judicial punishment or the consideration of service when looking at the perpetrator. Sexual offender database.

This provision directs the Department of Defense to collect and maintain information regarding sexual assaults in the U.S. Armed Forces. Upon a conviction of sexual assault this information will be sent to the Department of Justice to become a part of the National Sex Offender Registry.

Thank you Jennifer Norris and Jessica Hinves for your constant action, voice and bringing awareness. Your testimonies were incredible!  

On 01/23/2013

Hearing was held on Military Sexual Trauma.  Jennifer Norris spoke before the Armed Services Committee - Buck McKeon/Chairman on a "Review of Sexual Assault & Misconduct by MTI at Lackland Air Force Base. She is a survivor and a SHero for all of us survivors.  Jennifer Norris is a Board Member with Protect Our Defenders and Constant Advocate for Military Sexual Trauma. Also recognized during the hearing was Jessica Hinves an Advocate and a Survivor Deplicted in "The Invisible War" Movie. Broadcast C-Span

Jennifer Norris is a MST Survivor & Advocate. 

"We want the sexual predators roaming loose in the military to be held accountable and punished appropriately. The DoD's top priority should be prosecuting these criminals, putting names in a sex offender registry, and protecting us from them."  #trigger

She activly tracks & keeps us updated on the news that affects us daily. 

Posts Breaking News: of the legislative changes and advocacy efforts conducted on behalf of MST survivors! It is so empowering to learn that government leaders and other important stakeholders want to hold these offenders accountable too.

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TSgt Jennifer Norris, USAF Ret (1996-2010), Join me on  Facebook & Twitter for all the latest legislative efforts to stop military rape. If you need

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2012 Department of Defense
Military Sexual Assault 
Annual Reports & Statistics

DoD Annual Report

Section 577(f) of Public Law (PL) 108-375 requires the Department of Defense to submit an annual report on sexual assault in the Military to Congress. 

The report is divided into the following major sections: DoD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program Overview, Program Highlights, Aggregate Report of Sexual Assault Incidents, Way Ahead for Program and Strategic Observations.

Annual Report on Sexual Harassment & Assault

U.S. Military Service Academies

Academies provide data on reported sexual assaults involving cadets and/or midshipmen, as well as policies, procedures and processes implemented in response to sexual harassment and violence during the Academic Program Year.

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